The new replica watches also uses advanced silicon material technology

Inlaying with silicon is a brand-new process in the watchmaking world. The specific process includes: first cutting the silicon material with a plasma accelerator, and then assembling the silicon wafers. Because the silicon chip is thin and brittle, its uniqueness lies in the skillful hands of the master craftsman. Even if the silicon wafers are just stacked carefully, instead of biting each other, their edges will be damaged and mutilated. This process can be described replica watches uk as a veritable "technical handicraft". It needs to carefully assemble the silicon strips by hand to create a mosaic pattern that is too beautiful to be square, and finally present a unique effect-silicon inlaid with fine craftsmanship. The film shines, like countless interlaced laser beams, which is amazing.

The new FREAK X replica watch also uses advanced silicon material technology to create a matte effect on the blue part of the decorative dial, which forms a fascinating visual contrast with the green "X" elements inlaid with silicon fine work. When the light sweeps through the silicon wafers of different sizes on the dial like X-rays replica watches uk, the silicon fine inlay can show incomparable light and shadow charm in all directions.

The FREAK X replica watch is an advanced work of the FREAK fantasy series. This watch is designed with a diameter of 43 mm, making it easier to read and operate. The replica watches equipped with a crown to adjust the time. This is the biggest difference from the FREAK VISION watch (the latter has no crown and relies on the bezel to adjust the time). The movement is a flying carrousel bar movement, which rotates 1 circle per hour to display the time. No dial and hands-the central bridge is used to indicate the minutes, and a gear in the movement can be used to indicate the hours. The hollow design inside the replica watches clearly shows the ultra-light and over-sized silicon balance wheel, nickel weights and self-adjusting micro flakes. The UN-230 movement integrates the dual advantages of the brand's self-made UN-118 movement and the UN-250 movement of the Whimsical Transcend watch. The watch case outlines a round outline with a smooth curve, showing the beauty of creativity.