The case of the new diving replica watch is 50.4 mm with an extra large diameter

The PROMASTER series is Citizen's professional sports series, with strong reliability and functionality. Even under extreme environmental conditions, it can complete the task of exploring the sea, land and air, and become a reliable partner for adventurers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Citizen's first Aqualand diving watch was born in 1985, and its water depth measurement function was completed by the electronic sensor equipped for the first time. In 1989, this diving watch was officially renamed PROMASTER Aqualand. Today, Aqualand has become synonymous with Citizen professional diving replica watches with brand-new sensor technology. The new diving watch has a 200-meter water resistance that meets the ISO standard, and is equipped with a water depth measurement function and a 50-meter dedicated depth gauge.

The case of Aqualand's new diving watch is 50.4 mm in diameter with a three-layer structure. The unique contour shape gives the watch a rugged appearance, and the tough guy is full of style. The hour and minute hands adopt different shapes and are covered with a larger area of ​​luminous coating, which is Replica rolex watches more prominent on the elegant black dial to ensure that the time can be read clearly in the underwater low-light environment. The design of the small dial at 6 o'clock is inspired by the submarine sonar screen. The addition of the 24-hour indicator at 9 o'clock replica watches and the counter at 12 o'clock makes the dial layout balanced. The watch has many complicated functions, but the dial design is easy to identify, and it can display the current time and the current diving depth at the same time.

When the watch enters the water, the water pressure sensor will detect the water entering state of the watch and automatically switch to the diving mode. During the dive, the water depth data is displayed in real time, and the diver can read the current water depth data at any time. The inner circle of the dial is engraved with the depth commonly used by divers (displayed up to 15 meters at 3 meter intervals, up to 50 meters). When the dive is over, the watch automatically switches from replica watches diving mode to normal mode and records the maximum diving depth. In order to ensure safety, in the case of insufficient charging, the watch will not switch to diving mode even if the watch enters the water, and the function hands will not operate.

The strap is made of rubber material that fits the wrist, which is light and comfortable. At the same time, a special diving strap is added to facilitate the wearing of diving suit. Whether it is diving or daily wear, the length of the strap can be satisfied. The light kinetic energy technology adopted by the watch drives the watch to run continuously by absorbing visible light and transforming it into electrical energy, without frequent battery replacement replica watches, which is environmentally friendly and convenient. In addition, the new watch also has multiple safety functions, including remaining battery indicator, water pressure sensor, screw-type crown, unidirectional rotating bezel and so on.